Make A Change Projects

Students work in small groups as part of the 2nd year Leadership course (ESST 2003) to propose and organize a specific initiative aimed at contributing to the university or local community. This put learning on leadership into action. some recent projects...

• Stop Sucking Acadia! A social media campaign (click on the picture at right) to encourage the Acadia Community to stop using straws , which was led by Baylee Hood with support from the Sustainability Office. Single use plastic bags and most all uses of straws are now banned on campus.

Flexitarian Day: Planning a feature vegetarian menu and meal in partnership with Food Services at the Meal Hall, and then promoting it around campus (over 250 people partook!).

• Planning and teaching a grade 7 class on water and water conservation at the local school

• Doing a community video on environmentally friendly lifestyle habits for students

• Operation Pay it Forward (below) which included students doing random acts of kindness in the community such as providing a free concert at the local nursing home.

tl_files/sites/environment/resources/Pictures/Pay it Fortward.jpg