ESST Core Courses

CODE 1023  Environment and Sustainable Society
This introductory level course is concerned with the wise use of the environment. It explores a range of environmental problems resulting from human activities, concepts for analyzing human impacts on the environment, and strategies for shifting to a sustainable society for individuals, organizations and communities.

ESST 1003 Sustainability Concepts and Systems
This course introduces the current state of our world with respect to environmental and sustainability issues, including core sustainability and ecological concepts, theory and analytical tools. It uses experiential and problem-based learning to investigate current issues. 

ESST 1023 Perspectives on Environmental Philosophy, Thought & Practice
This course looks at the history of environmentalism and conceptualizations of sustainability from a range of cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

ESST 2003 Leadership in Sustainability
Fundamental principles and tools for leadership development will be explored in the context of moving societies and communities toward sustainability. Through case studies, field experiences, and other experiential learning opportunities, students will explore the various dimensions of leadership including group dynamics, and its role in support sustainable community development. 

ESST 3003 Investigating Sustainability Issues: Research Methods
An applied and transdisciplinary research course focusing on information needs that inform and influence decision-making and practice in the environmental and sustainability fields. Students engage with communities or organizations to identify information needs, select appropriate methodology, collect and interpret data, and develop suitable research reports.

ESST 4003 Sustainability Projects
This course integrates concepts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies across concentration areas related to organizations, communities, societies and worldviews. It focuses on students completing a major community-based research and/or engagement project related to their area of interest.


Applied Student Project