ESST Student Society

2018-19 ESST Student Society Executive Members:
Back Row: Melissa Grandbeg (Co-Chair); Emilia Ganslandt (Co-Chair); Baylee Hood (co-VP Finance); Chelsey Connell (co-VP Finance); Katherine Waterbury (Events) Front Row: Caroline Beddoe (Advocacy); Rachel Sparling (Advocacy); Hanna Abrahams (Events); Alisha Christie (Communications)

ESST Students have a dynamic organization which meets regularly and provides a supportive culture through which to organize activities, facilitate professional opportunities and contribute to Acadia being a more sustainable campus. The Society organizes programs out of its own student lounge with an attached kitchen. Events across the year include conferences and workshops, an annual cidre press at a sustainable farm, a winter snowshoe, the yearly banquet and a range of social and  sustainability activities. In 2018-19 the Society is facilitated by Emilia Ganslandt and Melissa Grandberg with many others taking on leadership roles. 


Alisha Christie
ESST Student 
Leadership Award


Sarah Boudreau
ESST Society 
Campus Leadership 

George Phlip
ESST Acorn Award for
Outstanding Scholarship


Melissa Grandberg
ESST 1st Year Community
Building Award