4th Year Projects

All ESST majors complete a major independent or small group project as part of ESST 4003, which they initiate, organize and in their final year. Its an opportunity to apply their skills and make a difference in the university or community. Here are some example projects...

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• Joe Elliot & Rachel Eisener created Sharing Great Food, a program in which they (with the help of volunteers) prepared and served a healthy sustainable meal once a week in the Fall term, culminated by a community dinner in late November. They provided lunch and connected it to education about sustainable food for approximately 30-40 each week. The dinner drew more than 100.

tl_files/sites/environment/resources/Pictures/Nat Cycles 2.jpg• Dan Ritchie worked in partnership with four other ESST students to create Natural Cycles, in which students promote bicycling and collect and repair bicycles in the community and at the Wolfville Farmer's Market. 

• Lindsay Clowes conducted research on coastal erosion and the consequences for land use planning under the auspices of Dr. David Duke at the Morton Centre, the Acadia University field station on the Atlantic Coast in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.