ESST Student Leadership Award

Alisha Christie 

Awarded to an ESST student in recognition of demonstrated excellence in learning, and exceptional leadership in contributing to a sustainable community and planet during the past year through community initiatives within Acadia or beyond. A fruit tree is planted on campus in his or her name, and the person is recognized on a plaque in the ESST Student Lounge.

Alisha  (with Dr. Alan Warner, ESST professor) is an enthusiastic and energetic advocate for community-building and sustainability on campus and in the community, bringing a critical perspective to everything she does. She has been the chairperson and facilitator of the ESST Student Society in 2017-18 where she set a positive and inclusive tone which enabled the Society to have a great year working together as a team. She is now in her final year of her Bachelor of Community Development with ESST degree.

   Past Recipients

    2016-17: Emilia Ganslandt
    2015-16: Stephanie Miller
    2014-15: Stephanie McGlashan 
    2013-14: Colin MacGuire 
    2012-13: Joe Elliot 
    2011-12: Rachel Eisener 
    2010-11: Mira Dietz Chaisson