ESST Student Leadership Award

Awarded to an ESST student in recognition of demonstrated excellence in learning, and exceptional leadership in contributing to a sustainable community and planet during the past year through community initiatives within Acadia or beyond. A fruit tree is planted on campus in their name and the person is recognized on a plaque in the ESST Student Lounge.

Caroline Beddoe

Caroline has devoted herself to creating a more sustainable campus and community throughout her time at Acadia.Over the past year she has worked extremely hard on sustainability initiatives on campus. Specifically, her work on the student food plan consultation, sustainability week, and advocating for the Acadia student farm. She has also been a valuable co-advocacy representative on the ESST Society. In this role she has increased student awareness of initiatives happening on campus, assisted with the planning of the campus march While on exchange during the spring he is always sharing her learning about new ways we can bring sustainability initiatives occurring in Sweden back to Acadia. Caroline also brings great passion and insight into the classroom environment. She asks questions to further conversations and make others critically think, but in a way that keeps the conversation open and not shutting people down. 

Past Recipients
2018: Alisha Christie
2017: Emilia Ganslandt
2016: Stephanie Miller
2015: Stephanie McGlashan
2014: Colin MacGuire
2013: Joe Elliot
2012: Rachel Eisener
2011: Mira Dietz Chaisson