ESST Campus Leadership Award

Grace Hamilton-Burge 

Awarded yearly to an outstanding person (Acadia student, faculty or staff) who has shown dedication and leadership to sustainability initiatives on campus. A fruit tree is planted on campus in his or her name, and the person is recognized on a plaque in the ESST Student Lounge.

Grace (left, with Emily Murray, ESST Student Society co-chairperson)) has been the Sustainability Officer for the Acadia Student Union (ASU)  in 2016-17 and was elected President of the ASU for 2017-18. Her work as Sustainability Officer has been groundbreaking, including, enshrining the position as an elected member of the ASU, establishing a campus coordination committee for environment and sustainability issues and pioneering efforts across the year to make Acadia a fair trade campus, which was achieved in August 2017. Acadia now has its own blend of fair trade, organic coffee. She is entering her final year of her honours degree in Environmental Science.

Past Recipients

2016: Sadie Mohand & Luke Ehler

2015: Callie Lathem

2014: Jodie Noiles

2013: Dave Patterson

2012: Justin Haynes

2011: Prof. Linda Lusbie