ESST Campus Leadership Award


Awarded yearly to an outstanding person (Acadia non-ESST student, faculty or staff) who has shown dedication and leadership to sustainability initiatives on campus and/or the community. A fruit tree is planted on campus in his or her name, and the person is recognized on a plaque in the ESST Student Lounge.

Sue Bissix

Sue has been a long standing volunteer on campus and in the community. For many years Sue has been a member of the Friends of the Acadian Forest volunteer group at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens. She served as president of the group for 4 years and was instrumental in the planning of the group's annual native plant sale, an important fundraiser for the organization which helps support the work of the botanical gardens. 

Since the ESST program was established about 10 years ago Sue has quietly contributed to the development of the extra-curricular life of the program by providing nutritious meals for student potlucks, baked goods for staff and faculty, by hosting student and faculty dinners at her home, hosting visiting speakers, attending events and doing countless other supportive tasks.

Sue has volunteered elsewhere on campus and in the community, such as with the Randall House Museum and the Wolfville Guerilla Gardeners, helping enrich and beautify the town for all to enjoy.  Sue also serves as a role model for environmental consciousness on campus and in the community. Just ask to see her collection of vintage reusable bags, collected long before reusables became a current trend. Never one to share much about her life, work or contributions, she often prefers to learn about those of others and delights in their adventures and good works.  Sue deserves recognition for her quiet and diligent work that has benefited so many on campus and in the community for many years.

Past Recipients
2018: Sarah Boudreau
2017: Grace Hamilton-Burge
2016: Sadie Mohand & Luke Ehler
2015: Callie Lathem
2014: Jodie Noiles
2013: Dave Patterson
2012: Justin Haynes
2011: Prof. Linda Lusbie