Dr. Andrew Biro

Professor, Politics Department

Email: andrew.biro@acadiau.ca
Blog: andrewbiro.wordpress.com
Phone: 902 585-1925; Twitter: @andrewbiro

  • Politics of Water
  • Environmental Political Theory
  • American Government
  • Critical Political Theory
  • Environmental Perspectives
Scholarly Interests and Expertise
  • Greening Political Theory
  • Social Construction of Scarcity
  • Water Politics
  • Ideas of Nature in Canadian Politics and Culture
Community Service
  • Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Nova Scotia (Research Associate; former Chair of the Research Advisory Committee)
  • Editorial Board Member for the journals Studies in Political Economy and Capitalism Nature Socialism
Did you know?
  • Dr. Biro’s course on The Politics of Water, first taught in 2003-04, was the first of its kind in Canada
  • He uses simulations in a variety of courses to give students "hands-on" experiences of large-scale political issues, from negotiating global rules for dealing with climate change or regulating global water trade, to running US Presidential election campaigns
  • All his environmental courses are based on this question, from historian Donald Worster: “How, in the remaking of nature, do we remake ourselves?”
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